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We drove that about 4 miles to Mineola and found the

I talked to my producer today. I’m going over Doosan [Bears]. One of the challenges is that they guard the lineups a bit. I plan to be there in the lobby) for an extended period each day, knitting and saying hello to my friends. Another thing I plan to do this year is bring my wheeled tote, rather than use a backpack. This will give me a chance to bring a few books to get signed, and it will also make dragging stuff around a lot easier on my legs.

To our recurring surprise, many locals never get the idea to visit Alcatraz, because traveling by boat to an island to walk around cellblocks is just something they don’t like do. How come? Because tourists get that idea, every day, by the shorts wearing boatloads. Here’s your solution: The Gardens of Alcatraz Tours, in which you walk around garden landscapes originally developed and maintained by prisoners, guards, guards’ families, and whoever else had the forbearance to grow in the brutal climate, like Mother Nature herself.

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