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Together or apart, they’ve written songs for Britney

[Doug]Pederson definitely deserves another year. He did face a lot of adversity and he also had the least amount of talent in his own division. If [Carson]Wentz has faith in Pederson and there’s every reason to believe he does then the Eagles have the right man for right now..

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Michigan, $36.60 millionMichigan comes right on the heels of their Big Ten rivals. The Wolverines have won more games than any program in college football. Thanks in part to Michigan Stadium, affectionately nicknamed The Big House, the Wolverines have led the country in attendance the past two seasons, averaging more than 110,000 per game fans last year.According to USA annual coaching salary databasehead coach Jim Harbaugh was the highest paid coach in the country last year, making just more than $9 million last year.

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