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«The time to evacuate has come and gone

For more information about treatment, please see avoidant personality disorder treatment.John M. John Grohol is the founder and Editor in Chief of Psych Central. Dr. The detective, whose name has not been released, was recorded saying: «I think it’s going to be a closed casket, homie,» referring to Dreasjon Reed, who was fatally shot following a high speed chase in the city on May 6 in an encounter that Reed streamed on Facebook Live.The detective received a suspension of numerous days and has been reassigned to another unit, Officer Genae Cook, a spokeswoman for the department told NBC News on Friday.Cook said that the identities of the officer involved in the shooting and the detective who made the inappropriate comment would not be released due to safety concerns. Both officers are African American, as was Reed.The officer’s remark was recorded on a Facebook Live stream that Reed began during the police chase. The video has been removed from Facebook but was uploaded to other social Cheap Jerseys free shipping media and online platforms.A police spokesman previously told NBC News a weapon that does not belong to the officer was recovered at the scene of the shooting.Detectives are investigating at least 26 threats made against officers following the fatal shootings of Reed and another man, McHale Rose, 19, who was killed by officers at an apartment complex hours later, Cook said.

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cheap nfl jerseys Michael roared toward the Florida panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane Wednesday, with long range forecasts predicting its remnants could dump heavy rains on Nova Scotia if it passes south of the province as expected.The brutish storm has grown swiftly into what could be one of the panhandle’s worst hurricanes in memory, with destructive winds, up to 30 centimetres of rain and a storm surge of up to four metres.According to Environment Canada, the potent weather system is expected to weaken into a tropical storm after making landfall in Florida and is forecast to track south of Nova Scotia on Friday.The forecaster’s long range models are calling for the possibility of heavy rainfall in parts of Nova Scotia, depending on how close the system comes to the province.At midday, the hurricane was closing in on the Florida panhandle with potentially catastrophic winds of 233 kilometres per hour, making it the most powerful storm on record to menace the stretch of fishing towns, military bases and spring break beaches.»I really fear for what things are going to look like there tomorrow at this time,» Colorado State University hurricane expert Phil Klotzbach said in an email.The storm quickly sprang from a weekend tropical depression, reaching Category 4 early Wednesday as it drew energy from the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters. That was up from a Category 2 Tuesday afternoon.»The time to evacuate has come and gone. SEEK REFUGE IMMEDIATELY,» Florida Gov. cheap nfl jerseys

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