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«The Spitfire Grill» is cinema at its finest

And Yola CANCELEDAug. 16: Goo Goo Dolls with Lifehouse, Forest Blakk POSTPONEDAug. 19: Santana with Earth, Wind Fire POSTPONED FOR 2021, DATE TBAAug. «The Spitfire Grill» is cinema at its finest. In this masterfully told tale, we travel a journey with people who could be our mother, sister, brother, son. Their experiences are shared with such simple insight that we soon forget they are creations of fiction.

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What they don’t seem to know very much about is life. They don’t seem to understand the code of rights and responsibilities that hold our civilisation together. They don’t seem to understand basic concepts such as entropy and evolution, natural forces that work upon us all and upon all of our works.

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30th October 2015Fact: Irish rockers U2 added another celebrity guest to their London residency by performing with veteran musician Patti Smith during their show at the city’s O2 Arena on Thursday night (29Oct15). They performed with former Oasis star Noel Gallagher earlier in the week. On Friday (12Jun15).

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The bridge will need to be replaced, however, the Ascension Parish Department of Public Works did not provide a specific timeline for the project. Residents living north of the bridge can enter/exit through Jackie Robinson Park onto Coco Road.The Congress Boulevard Bridge over Dawson Bayou between Perkins Road and Concord Avenue will closed beginning Dec. 20, 2019 and will remain closed until further notice.

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