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The restaurant will have face coverings on hand for

China, where researchers reported a modest 5% of patients had an impaired sense of smell. The first came out of China, where researchers reported a modest 5% of patients had an impaired sense of smell. Studies in France (417 patients), in Italy (202) and in the US (102), on patients all testing positive for COVID 19, found a loss of smell in 86%, 64% and 68% of cases, respectively..

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Having a list of the most powerful women in the world is still inspiring. They are considered to be successful. Many of them manage to work out and stay beautiful even with working long hours. After a string of projects in America (including the masterpiece Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), French filmmaker Michel Gondry returns home to let his manic imagination run wild. This film is a riot of movement, as the sets themselves seem to be alive, packing every moment of the film with visual absurdity, witty gags, colourful characters and soulful music. And while the mayhem is sometimes a bit overwhelming, the story’s romantic moods resonate deeply, turning a silly movie into something surprisingly moving..

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