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The place has a sort of unfinished

It’s not like the room demands fine dining. The place has a sort of unfinished, rec room feel when you walk in, and the cocktail menu, the real fuel of the place, is straight out of the ’90s too sweet drinks made with flavored vodkas with punny names like the Cobbsmopolitan. Cocktail waitresses seemed harried, as though they had too many tables to manage, and we took to ordering drinks whenever we saw ours even if we weren’t done with our current one, because we weren’t sure when she’d be back..

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Grew up in Belgium, in Catholic convents/boarding schools and remember distinctly first hearing words rhyme at the end of hymns or religious songs. How beautiful I found that music inside music,» she said. «I was probably 9 or 10 and started creating sentences with end rhymes to them in my head, and then wrote them down.

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