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The attacks from Trump come as the country’s death

As they persisted, and the government refused to concede (despite a private intervention from the King), a ghoulish, fatal contest unfolded. Anguished families, anxious doctors, an angry Irish nationalist public, and an amplifying press (Irish, British and international) were drawn in by the terrible drama. On 21 September, Annie MacSwiney wrote to a friend that Terence had told her: never thought it could drag on so long I am just dying by inches.

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Mindy: I am doing fantastic today Scott. The sun is shining. I keep talking about how awesome the color and the weather is. The attacks from Trump come as the country’s death toll from the virus nears the 100,000 mark and the ensuing economic devastation worsens. As criticism of Trump’s handling of the crisis has mounted, he has turned to his Twitter feed to air grievances and settle scores. He has baselessly accused a stream of perceived opponents of committing crimes, including illegal espionage and election rigging..

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