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So twice a week, every week, for three months, John,

Check for any special looping for beads or novelty trim application. If you are adding a beaded applique or embroidery pattern, it is best to bead and embroider the pattern parts separately and cut your fabric pattern as a full pattern panel. If you are beading a specifically designed pattern on your fabric part, it is best to cut your fabric part separately and sew any necessary handwork, prior to machine sewing and constructing your gown.

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If you mix the Ziegfeld Follies, Mardi Gras, the ball culture drag happenings of Harlem, the 1980s and a splash of Galliano that is, the young couturier John Galliano then add music and shake, what do you have? «Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch,» the new show at the Museum at FIT. It’s a nocturnal world to be sure, with the Dionysian vibe of a midnight bacchanal. It’s also a more innocent world than the disco decadence that preceded it.

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