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Recently, Navarro started hosting virtual planting

Owner Felix Navarro is offering appointments (no more than two people are allowed in the Highland Park store at a time) as well as FaceTime calls. Recently, Navarro started hosting virtual planting workshops on Instagram that have proved popular. «We post the arrangement of the week, drop the kit ($55) off at your home, and then we host an Instagram live tutorial where you can make the arrangement along with us,» he said.

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You use bookmarks as shortcuts to where you want to go. I should mention though that clicking on the bookmarks will bring you to a recent activities page. For example, if you click on the icon for Photos, it doesn’t bring you to your photo albums, it shows you the recent photo albums of your friends.

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He cares about what happens to the many who struggle to make it in Cleveland and he cares deeply about housing issues, having worked closely with Cleveland Housing Court since its inception under Judge Ray Pianka, who died in 2017. He also worked with Pianka’s successor, Ronald O’Leary, a Republican appointed by then Gov. John Kasich and a former director of the Cleveland Building Department..

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