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Pilar, Michael and Anthony Jimenez all got sick

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You give them a place to sleep or run, they are happy. Some fresh water and new food goes a long way. Teach them some tricks and they will fill your day full of fun. Pilar, Michael and Anthony Jimenez all got sick. So did Felix, 56, who had been mostly homebound as he recovered from heart bypass surgery. He died May 9.Guymon is part of the coronavirus’ new frontier mostly rural communities with large meatpacking plants where employees often work inches apart, carpool to their jobs and live in crowded or multi generational homes.Interviewed at the family’s apartment days after his cheap nfl jerseys father’s death, Michael Jimenez said Guymon residents need to wake up to the dangers of the coronavirus, something that extends beyond the plant and especially threatens older and medically fragile people like Felix.»I just hope the whole community realizes how fatal this can be,» said Michael Jimenez, speaking through a protective mask.It’s difficult to pin down how each of the Jimenez family members got the disease.

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