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Pay attention to your body language: Shoulders back

It’s not just at shareholder meetings that executives are open to attack. If the company is in the red, or not doing well, there are likely to be disgruntled shareholders. But even at board meetings, it’s a wise move to have trained static executive protection security checking off IDs as people come and go, making sure the room has the right people in it and the uninvited aren’t getting in, organising secure transfers and transportation to and from the actual location.

Further good quality large scale randomised controlled trials are required before firm conclusions can be made. We were all struck by this big gap in the evidence on a common and potentially life threatening situation. But now the gap has been plugged.

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Lendy appear to not have provided enough information on their website to do due diligence and have misled customers, whether intentionally or not. The peer to peer lending sector is currently under close scrutiny, especially regarding how the products are marketed. The regulators are currently on a crackdown on the same scale as the payday loans industry experienced in 2013..

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