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«My loyalty is and has always been with Bob Knight

«I feel the Indiana basketball community is torn,» Guyton wrote. «My loyalty is and has always been with Bob Knight. I attended IU because there was an opportunity to play (and) people said I couldn’t make it under Coach Knight. All three were beating on Gulak onthe outside when Bryan did a tope with the trio before running off. A shame that all of it tookabout three minutes. Complete waste of time.

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Canada Goose online Apr 16, 2020 09:53 AM IST Will the 2020 meltdown mimic 2008? Possible, but there is a caveat History suggests that there could be a possibility of a further fall in the markets which could be even more severe compared to the one which we have seen in March.Apr 14, 2020 08:31 PM IST Q4 results and COVID 19: How did IT firms fare in the 2008 crisis and will it repeat in 2020? NASSCOM estimates the industry growth to be at 7.7 percent for FY20.Apr 13, 2020 10:31 AM IST Over 50 stocks with a m cap of Rs 10,000 cr trade below 2008 P/E; should you buy? A lower P/E ratio does not always imply that the company is undervalued. The reason behind the lower P/E ratio can be the poor financial performance or decrease in earning.Mar 20, 2020 08:32 AM IST Where could the market mayhem end Lessons from the 2008 09 financial crisisMar 19, 2020 01:29 PM IST Long term investors can allocate 5% of investible capital every week: Sahil Kapoor Timing this market through F hoping for a bottom is futile. Trading probably makes sense through sound professional advice from our desk, but with low leverage and strict risk assessment and management.Mar 17, 2020 01:03 PM IST Investors should understand businesses are not doing bad: Gaurav Garg The near term looks promising in the market, investors must watch out for the levels of 9,800 which will be crucial support and 10,500 will act as a resistance in the short term.Mar 16, 2020 11:24 PM IST 3 Point Analysis I When should investors start bottom fishing? Moneycontrol’s Shraddha Sharma does a 3 Point Analysis to explain what the history of financially troubled times suggest and when can investors look to invest in low value assets.Mar 16, 2020 10:20 AM IST Catch the fear! These 60 BSE 500 stocks have risen over 1,000% since 2008 lower circuit D Street has always been exposed to greed as well as fear and it is the fear that helps long term investors build wealth, say experts.Mar 14, 2020 01:14 PM IST Nifty could see pullback towards 10,000 10,500; 5 value stocks to buy post sell off We believe investors should not time the market and must be careful while investing their money Canada Goose online.

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