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In my practice, first time patients arrive at my

Primary care physicians will often start this process through a «brown bag» check. In my practice, first time patients arrive at my office with a tote or shopping bag filled with pill bottles and blister packets of meds. I go over each medication, explaining its uses and side effects.

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And now the pandemic has made it worse. Feelings like denial, anger, sadness and grief may occur. Accept your feelings and let’s move forward. Tax Escrow Payments: The Governor’s Executive Order 7 S does not affect those tax payments that are paid from escrowed funds by banks on behalf of Glastonbury taxpayers. The financial institutions holding escrowed funds on behalf of Glastonbury taxpayers are required to make the escrow payments to the Glastonbury Revenue Collector by Aug. 3, 2020, for real estate taxes regardless of the borrower’s eligibility for participation in the Deferment Program..

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