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In fact, photographs seem to be sharper when taken

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences bestower of the Oscars, the industry’s highest awards has for years maintained that a movie is worthy of consideration only if it debuts in a theater. More specifically, a movie could not contend for an Oscar unless it played for a week in a theater in Los Angeles County, with no home video release before it started its theatrical run. That rule was sacrosanct until the pandemic came along, shuttering movie theaters across the country, upending studios’ plans for opening weekends, pushing film debuts into late this year or next and sending some films straight to premium video and streaming services..

His dad, who coached at Hamilton before taking an assistant coaching position under Josh Pastner at the University of Memphis, understands Chandler will have to get used to the abuse. «He’s my non aggressive one out of my boys,» he says. «But he can be really good.

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«The best part about it was the fans, the cheers, the chants, the music playing throughout the game,» Thames said. «That’s one thing that stinks about this whole thing is that the fans make the game fun and bring the energy. Either way, it’s going to be baseball.

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